Dye House Yarns

Each Dye House Yarn skein is hand dyed in small batches which results in varied skeins, every, single, time. This uniqueness is one of the most beautiful and sort after aspects of hand dyed yarn. This does mean that unless you receive the exact skein that was photographed, your skein may not look identical to it, as there are colour variations and shifts within each dye lot. This is why we recommend that you alternate skeins every few rows when working on a larger project. Also it is best to ensure you purchase enough yarn for your selected project in one go as while every effort is made to the keep dye work consistent, dye lots can vary between batches and colour ways may not be an exact match. When photographing the yarns great care is taken to capture the colour accurately. However due to difference in settings on device screens the colours may vary from screen to screen.

All skeins are produced using harvested rain water. Once the dye bath is exhausted, this water is reused and becomes the base for the next color way, and so used again and again. Once the dye process is finished the water is neutralised and repurposed for household use. The skeins are then rinsed with a biodegradable, fragrance free detergent and dried in the formidable wind that the Cape is so famous for. Some dye particles may remain and a small amount of colour bleeding can happen, especially if the colour way is rich. It is recommended that you soak your item in cold water for 5-10mins for the first wash. Caring for your hand knits after this, we recommend cold washing by hand with a gentle detergent and then laying the item flat to dry. Although Dye House Yarns are super wash and so can be machine laundered, it is best for the longevity of the item to wash with care by hand.